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Ardal O Hanlon

Ardal O Hanlon

The showing off must go on


Where Ardal comes from (small-town Ireland) there is nothing worse than showing off. Yet he is a professional ‘show-off’ who continues to do stand up comedy for money, a very shy show-off (and as a result conflicted) but a big show-off nonetheless (a disgrace to his family).

So why does he do it?  

Because he loves it. And it’s a compulsion. And the world is a funny place.

‘…a brilliant comic mind working away to get the most out of every superbly sharp line.’ 

Saturday 26th October 2019

Ardal O Hanlon: The Showing Off Must Go On

Saturday 26th October, Town Hall Theatre

DOORS: 18:30 | SHOW: 19:00 | Age 16+

€28 x