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Paul Currie is an absurdist. If you’ve never seen him, this is such a treat. The silliness and anarchic disregard for social convention that absurdist comedy trades on is something that is native to children, but Paul reckons we all still have it. “What I really try to do with my stand-up is to bring that out in adults and ask them to drop those barriers.”

Paul Currie was my favourite show of the Fringe
- Stewart Lee

Trufficle Musk

Genders and non-genders, come plunge your human meat gloves into this zeitgeist pavlova as you gently take each other delicately by the frontal cortex and we all ascend into the sparkling mind-satchel of comedian and immersive stand-up artist Paul Victor Currie.

 It was like watching the Monty Python version of stand-up comedy
- FringeGuru.com.

Release The Baboons (Ages 9+)

Paul Currie is bringing his sell out 2014/2015 award-winning masterpiece back to Galway. But this time it’s for all the family to enjoy.

 Everything Currie does has the spirit of Vic and Bob, The Young Ones and everything surreal that’s come before or since
- EdFest.com

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